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Surfboard Racks

surf storage racks

We do the search you don't have to.

We price match and test each surfboard and paddle board rack that we offer and if they do not meet our higher standard of quality and design then we don't carry it.

Surf Gear

surf gear

Looking for the newest surf n sup gear on the market?

Finding unique and sustainably made surfing accessories that are unique in design that compliment our surfing and paddle boarding lifestyle is our passion.

Surf Decor

surf decorations

We travel to surf communities all over the world to find local artists so that we can offer you artwork you can't find anywhere else.

It is our quest to share the creativity of others to enhance your world and help local communities.

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Not Sure What you Want?


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We also offer “in store design” services using our surf racks or paddle board racks that offer stylish display solutions. We take your paddle board storage problem and turn it into art for sale.

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Custom Works


Paddle board storage for the home can sometimes require off the shelf ideas. For more information about custom works please contact us.




“We mounted the surfboards using handmade wooden surf racks made by Hawaiian Gun Rack. They’ve got some padded material on top to keep them from denting the boards, and also a dowel on the end to prevent them from slipping off just in case. They really are both beautiful and sturdy.”