MBB surfboard Bike Rack
  • mbb shortboard bike rack
  • mbb front tube bracket
  • mbb rear tube bracket
  • mbb optional rear wheel rack mount

Comes with all necessary hardware

These mount to most bike frames

designe d for surfboard but will fit some paddle boards.

will fit boards up to 12 feet

Naturally fit most boards up to a width of 3.5 inches, arms can be spread to fit wider boards.

Not recommended to travel with boards over 25 lbs in weight.

Great integrated bike rack system for carrying your board to the beach. Very well designed aluminum tubular system that is sturdy and thoughtfully designed. These will fit most boards up to 25 lbs in weight.
  • All hardware included to fit a wide range of bikes
  • foam padding protect bike frame
  • rear Rack designed to mount to rear seat post or rear bike rack
  • Strong construction using Tannodized aluminum and stainless steel



This really is a quality surfboard bike rack: All aluminum and stainless steel. If you need this kind of thing, it's very likely you live near the coast, where every bit of metal commonly used for these things, which is NOT aluminum or stainless steel, WILL corrode. We prefer this design over they "V"-shaped racks, because if it's not a shortboard day, not a problem, the longboard fits fine without any adjusting. The quick release feature is super handy, too: Just slide the racks out and away you go.



his item is very sturdy, and I love that the arms can be removed to ride the bike without the rack. My paddleboard is 8' long, 33" wide and 4.5" thick and fits perfectly. You can adjust the height of the arms easily. I have the front rack a little lower than the back so I can turn the bike easily. I definitely recommend this product. The guys at the bike shop installed the rack for me, attaching the rear rack to a bike carrier as suggested in one of the reviews. They were amazed when my paddleboard fit right into the racks and I could easily bike. Paddleboard weighs 20 lbs., so bike will tip if paddleboard is in racks and unattended. I just lean bike against garage until I am ready to take off



★★★★★  Over all ratings

MMB bike rack system gets an aggregate 73% at 5 stars and 23% at 4 star rating with a less than 1% @ 2 star or below rating for this particular design.