Mule Surfboard and SUP Carrier
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  • mule carrier with racing sup
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Universal tailpiece fits all boards.

Comes with handle strap with built in accessory pocket, wheels and travel/storage bag.

12" tube tires with plastick mag wheel rims

Hand carry or attach to bicycle.

Made in America surfboard and paddle board carrier system that allows you to hand carry or attach to a bike. Inflatable tires with quick release pins, handle strap and fabric nose piece with included travel bag for quick and easy set up and break down.
  • Inflatable 12" rubber tires.
  • Foam padding covers frame to protect board
  • Light wieght plastic axle is salt water resitant
  • Fits most surfboards and paddle boards


This mule is so good....

This mule is so good, on top of my 9.6' longboard I add my 6.2' surfboard, a brach chair, a cooler and some other small stuff, very sturdy, I hve been asked where I got this every day since

Mule Carrier Assembly video Coming


★★★★★  Simple & Effective! Great Design.

After getting it initially setup, which only took a few minutes, I flipped it over, slipped the strap over the seat of my beach cruiser and was impressed. (I have a 9' 11" Walden Magic SUP).

The only difficulty I had was inflating the tires when I discovered that both were shipped pretty much with almost no air in them. Because of how small the wheels are, my standard bike pump fitting would not fit - I had to go to two different local gas station pumps until I found a fitting that would work, if you’re looking for something simple and effective to attach either a surfboard or a paddleboard to your bicycle, I can highly recommend this one.