SupWheels board Carrier
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With the wheels only you can hand carry.

The Evolution Kit comes with hand harness and bike seat strap

Fits most paddle boards

"no flat" wheels collapse for easy storage

A real piece of american ingenuity, this carrier system will last you a very long time and is easy to use. You can just get the set of wheels and bungee strap to hand carry your board for short distances or you can get the "Evolution Kit" that comes with a canvas and strap harness system that you can attach to your bike seat or hand hold for easier long distance travel. This will make your stroll to the beach an easy start to a great day paddling on the water. The wheels won't go flat and will travel over curbs or thru sand. A really smart system.
  • Solid 14" rubber tires that won't go flat
  • UV resistant foam covers frame to protect board
  • EPDM rubber bungee
  • Aluminum axle and stainless steel fasteners - salt water resitant
  • can hold up to 90 lbs. (40kg)
  • supports up to 2 paddle boards
  • Frame has variable width from 12" to 15"
  • Variable height is 4" to 7"
  • works on regular sups and racing sups


Great SUP transport wheels, but get a handle

August 2015

I use these wheels multiple times a week to go about 1/4 mile from my house to the beach (almost entirely very rocky gravel and then sand dunes) and back again. They have held up great (have had them about 9 months) and are extremely easy to use. I gave them 4 stars because they should come with a handle -- I use the SurfStow SUP handle (like $15), and it's the perfect combination. I normally carry one board on these wheels. I occasionally carry two, but it's not awesome. If I were constantly transporting two boards at once, I'd just get another set of wheels. That said, these are a lifesaver for me -- I am 5'4", 105, and there is simply no way for me to get my 12'6" board to the water without them


It work great for my 12 foot board and it's much nicer ...

A solid product for hauling your paddleboard to the beach on your bike. It work great for my 12 foot board and it's much nicer than strapping the board to the roof of the car, especially if your only need to go a couple of miles. It also makes you feel better to know there is no carbon being burned to get you on the water.

"SupWheels Assembly" Video



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