Wheele Board transport system
  • Wheelie hand carrier
  • wheelie sup trailer
  • sup bike trailer
  • sup bike trailer

Metal tubular hand and bike transport systems

All systems are adjustable and fit boards from 9' to 12' in length

Can carry several boards at one time.

1 1/2" tubular steel and 1/2" solid axle with 13" diameter tires made of EVA puncture proof foam.


This is the "Hummer" of board transport systems. Comes in 4 varieties (we carry 3) that progress from a hand held carrier to the Combo Kit that comes with all 3 versions as one package. They are easily assembled and the combo pack can be broken down and reconfigured for use in any of the 3 versions. Each of the bike carriers also has a stow compartment under the frame for all your beach accessories.

This is for the guy who doesn't have enough toys.

  • Board Walk comes with adjustable straps and can hold up to 2 surfboards
  • The SUP bike trailer comes with the adjustable bungee and storage bag for beach accessories
  • 13" wheels are attached to moulded plastic rims with EVA puncture proof foam.
  • Hitch component on bike trailer allows for 3 axis rotation and greater mobility.

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Wheele SUP Transport Video


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