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Frequently asked Questions


Do the pegs come with Hawiian Gun Surf Rack 25?

Yes they do. The 25 model comes with pegs for surfboards and longer pegs to accomadate snowboard storage.

How do you keep the board in place on your vertical surfboard wall rack?

The rack comes with 2 pegs that attach to the wall on either side of the surfboard about 18 inches down from the nose and this keeps the board from sliding right or left.

Can I use the Hawaiian Gun surfboard rack for a paddleboard?

No. Because a paddleboard is wider and thicker than a surfboard and it will sit too close to the outer edge of the rack that would in turn put too much pressure on the rack designed for the weight of a surfboard. We designed 2 paddleboard racks specifically for stand up paddleboards. The Olo big board rack or the Hawaiian Gun Paddleboard rack.

I have an old Yater board that has a 10" fin that is glassed into the board - I want to show it with the top of the board out. What racks do you recommend?

The OLO big board rack was developed just for this situation. And we can customize it too fit your board or you can buy the generic version which has 3 different angle setting available to your board depending on it's thickness and fin length. After ordering we will send you an email with instructions on how to measure your board so we can customize it - AT NO EXTRA COST :-) There is a 40 lb. maximum weight limit per set of racks. If your board weighs more than 40 lbs. we recommend adding a 3rd rack to properly support the weight.

We have more to add soon.