Paddle board locking system
  • sup locking system
  • locking jaw close up
  • sup with lock
  • complete anti-theft kit

Great Ani-theft system

kit comes with everything you will need

10 ft coated stainless steel cable

Fin Box Cleat

Patented DXLX "locking" Jaw

works for Surf or Paddle Boards

also can be attached to your leash plug.

Nice complete anti-theft locking system that comes with a 10 ft stainless steel cable that allows you to lock to one or several boards using the leash plug or you can purchase extra "locking jaws" and cleats.
  • Complete Kit with everything you will need.
  • Locking Jaw
  • Fin box cleat
  • 10 ft coated stainless steel w/resettable combinaton lock
  • Handy carry all bag.


Pretty Good at delaying theft

I could definately see this as delaying theft. If someone really wanted to steal your board, this probably would not stop them at all. However, I like the peace of mind that it gives for a quick run into a store. Note: I also reviewed the finbox locks. For one of my boards (PSH Paddleboard) it does not lock in the finbox. I think it just depends on your finbox construction.


Great Buy

Love this lock. Works perfectly and i never worry about my board being stolen. I do wish there was a way to attach it without having to remove the leash line the attaches to the pin.

"How it Works" Video


β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…  Easy to take on and off.

I own several and have used the product for about one year. It is well made, easy to take on and off, fits into the leash plugs on several kinds of boards and SUPs, and has never caused damage to boards. After paying thousands of dollars for boards, why not spend a few bucks and a little time to use a theft deterrent? Highly recommended.