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Solid Aluminum paddle board wall rack

Made for 1 paddle board

7 inches inner space between rods

Padded for boards protection

Across the board many customers liked this rack but felt the screws were too short - SO WE INCLUDE A BETTER SET OF SCREWS.

A simple and sturdy cost effective way to store you paddle board. We agreed with most of the previous customers and are going to save you a trip to Home Depot or Lowe's by adding a better set of 1/4" lag screws. We wanted to go that one step further to make this a better product.
  • For 1 paddle boards horizontally.
  • 16 inches Tall
  • Fits up to 7 inch thick boards
  • padding to protect your board
  • all mounitng hardware included
  • We add 1/4" lag bolts for a more secure mounting


Dear Seattle Sports, "Read your reviews"

I read all of the reviews online before making this purchase. I noticed a common complaint in regards to the installation screws. The screws included with the package were reported as being far too short. I thought for sure this issue would have been rectified after the manufacturer followed up on their own product reviews. Unfortunately I was disappointed and inconvenienced when the package came and I began the install. The screws included with the packaging are 2" in length. The width of the cradle eats up 1" of the screw, then the drywall eats up another 5/8". That leaves a whopping 3/8" of tapered screw penetrating the stud to hold up your precious, expensive SUP.


Very good, but

The rack cradles your board nicely, but if you are mounting it on drywall you should purchase additional mounting screws. I tried the 2 inch Phillips head screws that came with them and going through drywall you only get less than 1/2 inch into the stud and they just didn't feel secure enough. I purchased 2 1/2˝ 1/4" lag screws with 1/4" heads and they were perfect. They sunk deep enough into the studs to make the cradles strong enough to hang on without any rocking and you can use a socket to make the job easier.


Five Stars.

I was looking for something affordable to hang our SUP's and kayaks from our dock and this works perfectly!

Installation Video

video coming soon


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