Not sure what you want?

Helpful guidelines to find the right rack

We are creating simple guidelines to help determine which is the best rack for your needs.

  • How much does your board weigh?
  • The most critical element to determining which type of surfboard rack will best suite your needs. All surf racks are not created equal and many of them do you tell you the exact weight limits they will hold. A simple effective way to determine the surfboard's weight is to weigh yourself on a bathroom scale and then pick up the surfboard and weigh the both of you. The difference is a good approximation of the weight of the surfboard.

  • Going Vertical or 'Planking' ?
  • Because everyone has different needs you should decide first if you want to store your board at an angle, vertically or horizontally on the wall of if you want it free standing on the floor.

  • Deck out or Fin out?
  • Do you want the deck of your board to show or the fin to show? The surfboards orientation will determine the type of surfboard rack that will accommodate the length of your fin and still fit properly on the wall. If your fin is glassed in, like on many vintage boards, then you need a surfboard rack long enough to fit your stick and still allow for the fins clearance from the wall. Check out the OLO Surfboard Rack designed especially for vintage surfboards.

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