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HangTime Wall Clips

Holds 1 snowboard vertically or at an angle

Made in New York

Retro 70's shape and almost invisible once the board is in place

A simple solution for hanging your snowboard

"Saturday Night" is alive and well! Very retro "70's" design that is easy to install and almost disappears when the snowboard is in place. You have one board to put up and you want the board to sit as close to the wall as possible this is your clip.
  • Made to fit 1 snowboard.
  • Very low profile.
  • Made of plastic.
  • Board can be vertical or angled.
  • Comes with 2 racks and all mounting hardware
  • Super easy to install and board clips in with padding to protect edges.


The good:
The product, when anchored through the sheet rock to a wall stud with screws, holds the snowboard perfectly and it looks great. If the in package directions were as good as the product itself I would give this 5 stars.

The bad:
The kit comes with sheet rock anchors that the directions tell you to use, even when bolting through to a wall stud. Unfortunately, when you try to put a sheet rock anchor into a wall stud either the tip snaps when it hits the stud, or the anchor bucks on the driver and chews a divot out of your wall.

I can't speak to whether the sheet rock anchors alone would hold the weight of your snowboard and wouldn't want to put that kind of weight on my wall. Instead, I recommend just using regular screws, locating a wall stud, and mounting the bracket to that. Would buy the product again and it makes a great gift (with a caveat on the directions) for snowboarders who want to get their boards out of the closet on the off season.



These mounts are exactly what I needed. Perfect fit, the board doesn't move and can come off with ease

by July. 2015

Installation Video

installation video coming soon


★★★★★   OUT OF SIGHT!

I found the Hang Time Snowboard Wall Mount brackets to be great. These small out of sight hangers hold my son's board "on display" and out of the way. I purchased two sets and would buy this product again