Sup Shoulder carry strap & fanny pack
  • Shoulder Sup Carrier Strap
  • Fanny Pack and shoulder board strap

Fanny pack and carry strap all rolled into one.

Easily stores smaller items and slim water bottles and a 2nd pocket holds an expandable strap to help you carry your board to the water.


    How many times do you get to the water and you don't have a place to carry your keys, your water bottle and a small packages of energy enhancers? This is a fanny pack and it has a 2nd storage compartment for your sup carry strap. This makes it easy to carry everything in one place. Now you can store your carry strap, keys, bottle of water and energy bars all in one location. It's one size fits all.
  • Clip on Clip off Carry Strap
  • fanny pack with water bottle strap
  • fits most paddel boards



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