Expandable Ceiling Rack
  • ceiling surfboards
  • gate-ceiling base rack
  • gate-add-on-rack
  • gate-modular rack dimensions

Black Matte Finish

1 inch diameter steel powder coated for indoor or outdoor storage.

Maximum weight is 40 lbs.

Comes with Lag Bolts for secure wood stud attachment

Easy install and all hardware included.

Super strong ceiling rack for your home, office, or garage. Each rack comes with heavy duty lag bolts for indoor or outdoor storage. Made in California with high quality standards and materials.
  • For 1 surfboard per arm.
  • Maximum weight limit is 40 lbs. per arm
  • Comes with 2 racks
  • Nitril foam padding to protect your board
  • All hardware included
  • Simple Instructions - takes about 20 minutes to install


These racks are perfect for my quiver of wave riding machines

Installation Video

videos coming soon


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