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Designed specifically for Paddle Boards

Thicker wood bracket - several wood choices

Matching 1 inch wood dowels with reinforced spar. available with foam covers or cork/neoprene padded exposed wood.

Maximum weight is 30 lbs. across 2 arms

Comes with Lag Bolts for secure wood stud attachment-estimated 20 min install time

If you prefer we can make the arms straight.

Made to order with solid hardwoods using a thicker bracket with a "fin spar" reinforced dowel and a strip of recycled cork/neoprene padding to protect your board. One of our newest designs for a higher quality american made product to show off the beauty of the wood and allow it inside your home. We also offer custom modifications to this rack sytem if you have certain space requirements or you want to add other additional type boards.
  • For 1 Paddle Board per arm.
  • Maximum weight limit is 40 lbs. across 2 arms
  • Comes with 2 solid wood brackets and arms depending on sytle ordered
  • Recycled cork/neoprene padding to protect your board
  • Lag Bolt mounting hardware included
  • Simple Instructions - 20 minutes estimated installation time

NEW PRODUCT - waiting for reviews

Installation Video

installing surf racks videos coming


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