surfboard rack Shipping & Returns Policies

shipping policies

Shipping within the United States and Hawaii - updated July 2016

For the United States including Hawaii, unless we are running a free shipping special (which we do on occasion), your shipping will be done by the choices you make. Shipping charges change on a regular basis and we try to get you the best pricing available at the time. Typically the US POSTAL service is the least expensive and UPS is the most dependable as far as shipping delivery dates. We prefer UPS because of the tracking numbers and email notifications that come with the service. UPS usually runs a few dollars more than the other services. Once we drop your package off at your requested carrier then our responsiblity for the transaction has ended.

Typically we ship out with in 24 hours. If you order late afternoon on a friday or before a holiday then we will ship the next business day or as soon as possible depending on when the postal services are available. So try to plan accordingly around big holidays.

International Shipping Policies

There is NO FREE SHIPPING to any location over seas. If you do not contact us previously then we will email you with the latest rates at the time. If we do not receive an immediate answer to our shipping choices we will follow up with 3 more emails. If you do not return our shipping quote emails after 3 attempts then we will cancel the order.

We offer the best rates possible and each rate is specific to each country. We ship all overseas orders via the US postal service as they offer the best rates, but they do not guarantee exact delivery dates. This means you should be aware that even if we state a specific delivery date it is only an estimate as there may be delays going thru customs that we have no control over. INTERNATIONAL FIRST CLASS is the least expensive but can take up to 6 WEEKS to be delivered.

Please be aware that the buyer will also be responsible for any import tariffs your country of destination may charge. Each country has it's own customs rules and regulations.

International Shipping Rates

The rates below are based on 1 set of Hawaiian Gun Racks that weigh 2 lbs. Typically it's a better deal to ship 2 or 3 racks at the same time as this only adds a few extra dollars to the shipment. We use the United States Postal Service as it's the least expensive with a decent delivery record. It does not guarantee exact delivery times but here are their latest estimates and published delivery times:

  • INTL EXPRESS is 3 to 5 business days
  • INTL PRIORITY is 6-10 business days
  • INTL FIRST CLASS varies up to 15 business days

    Below are close estimates. If you are comfortable with +/- one or two dollars then put your shipping choice in the comment box during check out. If you prefer exact quotes then put "pricing quotes please" in the comment box during check out and we will email you that days quotes or you can email us.

These quotes are based on 2 lbs.

CANADA $49.50 $34.30 $15.50
AUSTRALIA $71.80 $51.05 $22.76
UK $66.75 $52.75 $22.50
EUROPE $65.65 $44.40 $22.50
SCANDINAVIA $63.90 $47.20 $22.50
JAPAN $71.50 $51.50 $22.75
HONG KONG $64.25 $46.70 $22.75


We offer 100% guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason you may return your order. It is the customers responsibility to pay any return shipping charges - including import tariffs if applicable. For best results in getting your order refunded to you we recommend you contact us with in 14 days of receiving your order for a return acknowledgement request. This will help us to track your return.

Since the customer will pay all fees associated with the return we highly recommend you choose a service with a tracking number. This will help you recover any damages from the shipping company in the event the return order does not arrive to our location. We cannot refund with out receiving the physical property of the return order.

Please feel free to contact or email us with any questions.